Thursday, August 25, 2016

Choosing a Good Writing Service for Your Paper

Choosing a Good Writing Service for Your Paper
It’s never easy to choose which writing service to trust with your money, considering there are so many of them nowadays growing like mushrooms after the rain. We read testimonials online, and they all sound positive. We then look at the customer reviews, and we get confused by the apparently bad reviews – which brings us right back where we started. Which ones are good services, and which ones simply want to scam us for our money? Well, here is what we should know about some services.
1.      Grab My Essay
GrabMyEssay is that type of writing service that will write anything for you: academic products, business writing, career writing; you name it. From what we could see, customers liked this service – which is why we found at least a good review on every page that we looked. Writers seem qualified, offering customers good quality writing in accordance to the level that they chose. Prices also seem fair, and when we put them in contrast with the product, we believe it is worth every dime we give. So far, this writing service stands high on the market, and it is not fraud or scam.
2.     Essay Shark
When you see the name EssayShark, you expect the website to tackle your instructions like pros, but we have mixed emotions about what we read on different websites. This is your average website that offers essay writing services for college students in need of help. Indeed, from what we gathered, they do send you a paper to present; the problem is that it may not necessarily fit your level. It will all depend on the writer that “bids” for your topic. There is no standard pricing structure, so you might end up paying little or you might end up paying a lot. The rating of the product on review websites is “Fair:” not all bad, but not that good either.
3.     My Paper Writer
This writing service also delivers the paper on time, no complaints regarding that part. However, from what we read on other customer reviews, they seem to have an issue with transparency when it comes to their writers and their pricing system. It’s like you’re playing the Russian roulette, with no certainty that you will get at least a promo code or some coupon codes that will lower the price in case of a “surprise.” MyPaperWriter seems to be a legit website that will get you an average grade, but it’s definitely far from superior.
4.     Best Essays
This one is another one of those websites which you don’t know if you should get excited about or become concerned about their boasting level. The services on BestEssays are pretty limited, although unique. They have sections on mind mapping and programming, which is not very usual with online writing services. However, while it does offer new stuff, the prices are pretty high (around $200 for a 10-page paper). Indeed, there are discounts, but if you didn’t win the lottery recently, you might have an issue with their prices.
5.     Papers Helm

As a relatively new writing service, PapersHelm stands somewhere in the middle. You can find common services as well as not-so-common ones on their pages, and they seem to deliver on time. However, while papers generally seem good, they would only get an average grade which is far from superior. The good thing is that they offer a 50% discount for new customers – that is if you don’t mind the quality of the paper.
When looking for a service to write your paper, you need to choose wisely – quality and price-wise. I think you probably know at this point which one we recommend.